Valuing the Vote – An Update!

A joint project of the League of Women Voters of Mississippi and the Mississippi Library Commission, Valuing the Vote was completed on September 15th, 2013! This effort was completed with funding from the from the Mississippi Humanities Council and supported with extensive volunteer support. Through this project educational kits were developed for the public. The goals of the project were to enhance the public’s knowledge of the history of voting rights–especially for women and minorities, to register new voters, and to increase voter participation through the project. Resources were chosen for inclusion based on input from scholars and community members. Interviews with voters provide a personal glimpse into people’s thinking and experiences of voting. The kits contain multiple copies of books, based on the theme, as well as other supportive materials, such as interviews with voters to provide a glimpse into people’s personal thoughts and experiences of voting.

The Voting—Our Precious Right kits are now available to any teacher or group in Mississippi. These kits can be used to help children, youth, and adults learn about the painful struggle for the right to vote.

  • The Voting—Our Precious Right: Focus on Women kit contains 10 copies of the book With Courage and Cloth by Ann Bausum, the film Iron-Jawed Angels, a CD of Voter Interviews, discussion questions and additional articles to explore. This resource could be used by students preparing to register to vote.
  • The Voting—Our Precious Right: Focus on African-Americans kit contains 10 copies of the book This Little Light of Mine: the Life of Fannie Lou Hamer by Kay Mills, the film Never Turn Back by Tracy Sugarman, 2 episodes of Eyes on the Prize from the PBS series, a CD of Voter Interviews, and additional articles for further study. This kit is designed for adults and college students.

The kits are housed at the Mississippi Library Commission. To reserve the kit, contact Tracy Carr at the Mississippi Library Commission by email: or by phone: 601-432-4450

Many thanks to the scholars and community members who served on our Project Committee:

  • Byron D. Orey , Ph.D., Jackson State University
  • Marvin King, Ph.D., University of Mississippi
  • Eric Clark, Ph.D., Mississippi Community College Board
  • Tracy Carr, M.A., Mississippi Library Commission
  • Martha Hudson, M.A., Mississippi College
  • Tom Kersen, Ph.D., Jackson State University
  • Noel Didla, M.A., Jackson State University
  • Fran Leber, LWVMS Board Member
  • Dierdre Payne, LWVMS Board Member
  • Natalie Maynor, Ph.D., Mississippi State University (retired)
  • Dick Johnson, M.A., Tougaloo College (retired)

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