About the Privatization Study

Scope of the Privatization Study:
The purpose of this study is to identify those parameters and policy issues to be considered in connection with proposals to transfer federal, state or local government services, assets and/or functions to the private sector.  It will review the stated goals and the community impact of such transfers, and identify strategies to ensure transparency, accountability, and preservation of the common good.


  • Early Fall 2011: Information provided to Local and State Leagues
  • November 2011-May 2012: Leagues are encouraged to participate in the study on Privatization of Government services, assets and functions, and the impact on local communities by scheduling meetings to educate members and communities about the issue and come to consensus.
  • May 1, 2012 Consensus deadline

The Committee:

Janis McMillen, Chair
Cathy Lazarus
Diane DiIanni
Nora Leech
Carole Garrison
Muriel Strand
Ann Henkener
Ted Volskay
South Carolina


The committee will provide a history and background of privatization, a glossary of terms, legal issues to be considered when privatizing at different levels of government, current state regulations on privatizing and case studies on successful and unsuccessful privatizing efforts.   Finally, the committee will provide suggested policies and parameters to be considered when privatizing.


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