The LWVUS Education Study

Over the coming weeks, the League of Women Voters of Mississippi will use its blog to present materials about the LWVUS Education Study. The scope of this study as adopted by the LWVUS Board states:

The Education Study scope is broad and includes the following areas under the role of the federal government in public education (preK through grade 12): the history, funding and equity issues which are addressed under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and the common core standards/assessments which are required for many federal grant programs but are national, not federal. The culminating position will address only those issues delineated in the scope.

Although the study focuses on the federal government, the original intent of the study included the Common Core Standards. These were written and funded by the National Governors’ Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). Historically we have always had national standards written by the teaching organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Math and the National Council of Teachers of English. However, the discussion here will focus upon how these new standards called Common Core State Standards will be used by the federal government.

Look for new information to be added regularly!


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